Two Years

Two Years:

I have officially been down here in Florida for 2 years and it feels like a lifetime and the blink of an eye all at once. When I left NJ I packed up my car with whatever I could fit, kissed everyone goodbye and started off on this new adventure. I had wanted to live somewhere warm my entire life and yet I was scared. Too scared to leave family, friends, the streets I knew the names of…

But it was worth it. Life now is NOTHING like I expected it to be. I don’t know what I even expected, but it’s not this haha. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy because I am. I truly am. Even with being recently laid off along with 3 other of my co-workers has me thinking of what I really want to do, and be, and that in itself is a blessing in disguise. My positive attitude is in part due to living down here in the sunshine! I think at the end of the day  what I am most happy about though is that I followed through with the move and took that leap before I was that middle aged person with a life of regret!

I was talking to my mom about moving and how scary it seems, and it IS scary, but it’s also very liberating. Now that I’ve done it I feel like I could do it again. I could pack up and go, try somewhere new, take a chance. As long as I have my doggos, I’m home. Home and happiness is where you make it!

So I think what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid. Cheers to 2 years in a place that I dreamed of living since I was a kid. Living where other people vacation! Cheers to taking a chance and being brave. Cheers to making new friends, starting new jobs, taking risks and not knowing what the outcome will be. Have a fallback plan, a safety net even. Be smart, but do what calls to you before it’s too late!

Much love ❤️

Curvygymrat- IG430661E0-4766-45FD-8277-CB1BE0F440F9Tank tops and bare feet in January was the dream 🙌🏻

One thought on “Two Years

  1. You are a good person and very beautiful and I wish I know you deserve appreciation and love and tenderness


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